Alliance-Horde pet exchange
Hi everyone!

I've collected almost all the BFA pets that are available to purchase for Pet Charms.  I am just missing four pets, which are only available for sale to Alliance players:

* Drustvar Piglet (Carvers Harbor quest chain, 75 charms).
Abyssal Eel (75 charms)

* Corlain Falcon (Revered with Order of the Embers, 200 pet charms)
* Seabreeze Bumblebee (Revered with Storm's Wake, sold by Sister Lilyana, 250 charms).

There is a Horde vendor, named Olly, who sells the Drustvar Piglet and the Abyssal Eel, but activating Olly requires winning pet PvP battles, and I haven't gotten into PvPing with my pets.

Is anyone with an Alliance toon interested in a swap of Alliance pets for Horde ones?   I have plenty of charms, so I'm happy to arrange a swap in which I swap a Horde pet for an Alliance one.

(Note that pet charms are BoA, so they can be sent from a Horde to an Alliance character.  I just don't have any Alliance characters over level 10!).

Horde-only equivalents are: Ranishu Runt (Vol'dun quest chain, 250 charms), Lil Benfon (Zuldazar quest chain, 300 charms), Lil Tika (Zuldazar quest chain, 200 charms), Swamp Toad (Nazmir quest chain, 200 charms), Tragg the Curious (Revered with Talanji's Expedition, 75 charms).

I also have all the pets that are available for purchase to both factions and am happy to swap those too.

Let me know if anyone is interested in a swap like this!

Are you still looking for these?
I can currently get the Abyssal Eel.
Nope, I have them all now!


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