((heavy plate armor clatters as the blood elf paladin approaches the guild hall. seeing an officer standing near the entrance, he approaches))

Greetings, I am Melegaunt. Paladin of Silvermoon and veteran of the War in the North. I have searched long for a new banner to pledge my sword. I have it on good account the Ironsong Tribe is a strong and noble clan. I wish to join your tribe and fight for the Horde by your side.

I myself have fought many battles. I was there. In the frozen north when Arthas met his fate. Such a terrible fate, but none less than he deserves, I suppose. A small price to pay for the evil he wrought. It was within this war-torn place in history that I found my true calling. I was a simple merchant before the Arthas brought the Scourge to Silvermoon. That was when everything changed. No longer could I simply sell my wares when such atrocities were being done to my people. I took up the banner of the Light and began my long war against evil.

My greatest triumph was bringing about the downfall of that vile creature. The battle of the Icecrown Citadel took months and both the Horde and Alliance lost many good soldiers. I will never forget the moment he fell. The shattering of the rune blade and the retribution of the trapped souls. It was a sight that haunts my dreams to this day.

After we defeated Arthas, I returned to Silvermoon. I tried to live a merchant’s life again, but I found that I could not. The city was not the same. It will never be the same again. I still carry with me the key to open the door to my shop in Silvermoon. It is a small reminder of what life was once like before the war.  I have tried to live out my years in peace and quiet, but the Alliance won’t let us do that. They have, once again, brought war to the world of Azeroth. We cannot let this stand unanswered!

((the officer opens a large leather bound book to a marked page and hands Melegaunt a quill. Melegaunt carefully reads the Code of Conduct and adds his name to the long list of other Ironsong Tribe members who have signed before him. Returning the quill to the officer, he adds))

By the blood of the Sin’dorei, I will not dishonor this house.”
*waves* Hi. My name is Scott (Dane on Discord). I’m a RL friend of Krell’s. Thanks for letting me pledge for Ironsong Tribe. I can tell this is a great group of people, and I sincerely hope y’all let me stay.

I have been in several guilds, none of which you have probably heard of. I did start our on an RP server, in a guild called ROLEPLAYERS. Yeah… that was our guild name. We wanted everyone to know that we actually RPed. Though, we didn’t really RP much. They were good folks. That’s where I learned how to play. Mentor taught me about tanking. It was good times. Then I was in a guild called Juicebox Panda Pirates. This is the guild that I raided ICC with. I was off-tank for the B Group. We managed to drop Arthas right before the Cata patch. After that, the guild I was in started to fragment. We had raided so hard in ICC that a lot of us suffered burn-out, and the Cata raids didn’t help either. At that point, the guild changed hands and moved to a PVP server. I didn’t go with them. Finding a new guild is really hard. I tried for a while. Bounced around, but I was not able to find a good home, so I left the game.

I always come back though. I like to get the expansions and play through them. I love the game, and I like to see as much of the content as possible. Up until recently, that stopped at Dungeons. The grind to gear up was something that I couldn’t deal with anymore. MoP and Legion seemed very grindy to me. So, I never went farther than max level. BfA feels very different. When I came back this last time for the Returning Player Weekend, I figured I would just play the expansion and that would be it, but once I got into it, I saw all the changes they’ve made to the grind and how much quicker one could gear up through the WQ system.

Which is what brings me to Ironsong. As I said above, I am RL friends with Krell. We play Pathfinder together. He got my toe in the door here. At first it was just to have a home in game since I wasn’t too serious about it. But now with the changes to the game, I see that one can raid without having to work another job in game (like it was in Wrath days). So, I started to push a little further into the max level content, and that has let me meet some of y’all in Mythic runs and WQs. And I must say that this is a most excellent group of people. Everyone has been very kind and supportive. Helping me gear. Teaching me the dungeons. Tips on the game. Add-on help. Crafting gear for me. Etc. Just really nice community. It’s everything a guild should be.

What I want out of Ironsong is a home. For me, WoW is a completely different game when played solo. I lose interest very quickly if I don’t have a guild to do group content. Otherwise, just play single player games. I love coordinating with people. Being part of a team and helping achieve a goal. Ultimately, I want to raid again, but that is secondary to being in a good guild and having friends when I log into the game.

When I am on is usually as much as possible… lol. I am a remote sales rep, so I work from home and travel. So, if I’m home, I am in-game off and on throughout the day, and usually every night. If I’m traveling, then I’m unavailable. My IT department has my laptop locked down, so I can’t install anything not work related ☹.

Under the category of “anything else to add”: I have also run a guild. Not in WoW… in SW:ToR… so, I know how difficult it can be to keep an online community running peacefully. The fact that Ironsong Tribe has been around (with original leadership) since launch is a testament to the community y’all have built here. That is no easy feat, and something that I would absolutely like to be a part of.

I certainly hope y’all think I am a good fit, and I look forward to the in-game moot.

Thanks for the opportunity.
As he said, he is a friend of mine out of game. Please don't hold that against him.
Shantow the Bear
The Ironsong Tribe

"The man in black fled across the desert, and the gunslinger followed." King
I have always thought, you can measure the worth of a person by those they associate with. Your clan reflects well upon you.

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