Drest'agath is a single phase encounter in which we have to fight multiple tentacles that spawn in waves throughout the fight.  We will need to kill adds to gain the Void Infused Ichor debuff, which allows us to bypass Drest'agath's Aberrant Regeneration healing.

Boss' self-healing, and how to bypass it

The boss is CONSTANTLY healing himself for a massive amount.  So while we can damage him, it's pointless because he'll heal himself back up.

The ONLY way to permanently damage him is to pick up an ORB from a dead appendage.  When an appendage dies, it will spawn multiple patches on the ground which can be soaked, giving the player a 30 second buff (Void Infused Ichor) allowing them to damage the boss.  After those 30 seconds have ended, the player won't be able to pick up another orb for another 30 seconds.

So the rhythm of this fight is:

Kill adds --> Pick up orbs --> Damage Boss --> Repeat


There are THREE different types of appendage adds.  They have their own mechanics, and they come in preset waves, on a timer.  This means that will need to manage damage uptime on the boss with killing off the adds before the next wave spawns.

If we are fast enough, we can kill one appendage, pick up an orb, DPS the boss for 30 seconds until buff drops off, then kill another appendage.

If we get overwhelmed with this strategy, however, we should DPS the boss for LESS than the 30 second buff, then switch to another appendage, to make sure that all the appendages are down before the next wave hits.

Tentacle of Drest'agath

This tentacle does not melee.  Instead it casts Crushing Slam, creating a zone that melee needs to sidestep.
-->  Melee focus these down.

The tentacle will also cast Entropic Crash whenever the boss casts this.  This deals massive falloff damage to the raid.
--> Move away

The tentacle will also cast Reality Tear void zones whenever the boss reaches 100 energy.  These are black and blue void zones with a spire coming out of them.  They move outward from the tentacle -- an arrow will indicate their direction.
--> Don't get hit by these

--> Melee focus the Tentacles.  Move away from Entropic Crash and dodge the Reality Tear void zones.

Maw of Drest'agath

Spam acid splash at random players, damaging the players and anyone within 4 yards.
--> Ranged should attack the Maws.  Maintain a loose spread.

The Maws will cast Mutterings of Insanity when the boss does.  This debuff slows the player over 5 seconds, at which point it explodes and stuns all players within the targeting circle (large blue circle).  Stun can be dispelled.
--> If it is cast on you, move away from others.  Other players move out of the big blue circle.

When the boss reaches full energy, the maws will cast Spine Eruption.  Releases a series of rings, centered on the Maw, that apply a DoT to everyone hit.  First the ground will glow orange in a ring around the maw, then a ring of claws will jab upwards from the ground.
--> If ranged stands at max range from the Maw, they won't even need to move for Spine Eruption.

--> Ranged kill the maws.  Maintain a loose spread at max range.  Run the big blue circle out.

Eye of Drest'agoth

Once ranged have killed the tentacles, and the ranged have killed the maws, then we can swap to the Eyes.  The eyes cast Mind Flay, slowing and damaging targets.  This is interruptible.
-->  Interrupt Mind Flay

They will cast Void Glare whenever the boss does.  This spell targets a random player. It is a long cast, and at the end of the cast the eye (and the boss) will cast a blue-black beam at that player.  Does massive damage to players hit.
--> Keep an eye on this appendage and the boss, and move to a safe location.

When the boss reaches 100% energy, the eyes will cast Errant Blast.  This spawns multiple red swirly targeting zones around the room.
--> Move out of the red swirly targeting zones.

--> When tentacles and maws are dead, kill the eyes.  Interrupt Mind Flay.  Avoid the blue-black beams and get out of the red targeting zones.


Tanks must stay in melee range of the boss.  If nobody is in melee range, the boss will begin to drag players towards him (Void Grip).

The boss will cast Volatile Seed on the tank.  Detonates after 10 seconds, doing damage to all players AND ADDS within the red targeting circle.  Debuffs players and adds with a 60% increased damage taken for 15 seconds.

--> Tanks must swap every time they are debuffed with Volatile Seed.  Then the tank should choose an add to explode on, and run to it while the raid runs away from it.  Try to hit multiple adds if they are close enough together.

The boss will do the abilities that are shared with the appendages:

Entropic Crash (w/ tentacle):  Massive falloff damage
--> Run out

Mutterings of Insanity (w/ Maw):  Slow + Stun within targeting circle
--> Run red circle out

Void Glare (w/ Eye):  Blue-Black beam cast at random player
--> Avoid beam

Boss Energy

The boss' energy goes up every time an add is killed.  When he hits max energy, he'll cast Throes of Agony, which does unavoidable damage to the raid for 10 seconds.
--> Use a healing cooldown
Quick Summary

The overall rhythm of the fight is:

Kill adds --> Pick up orbs --> Damage boss --> Repeat



* Melee focus tentacles
* Move away for Entropic Crash
* Avoid radiating void zones (Reality Tear)


* Ranged focus maws
* Run Mutterings of Insanity out (large blue circle)
* Stay at max range to avoid concentric-circle attack (Spine Eruption)


* After Tentacles and Maws are down, DPS the Eyes
* Interrupt Mind Flay
* Avoid giant blue beam, Void Glare
* Move out of red swirly targeting zones (Errant Blast)


* Tanks stay in melee range
* Tanks swap after Volatile Seed
* Run Volatile Seed's explosion to an add.  Try to get more than one.  Raid must run away from explosion.

Boss Energy:
* Use a healing cooldown to survive Throes of Agony (cast when boss reaches max energy)

Shared abilities:
* Run away from Entropic Crash
* Run red circle out (Mutterings of Insanity)
* Avoid blue-black beam (Void Glare)
There are a couple changes on heroic:

Debuff after attacking the boss:  After you get the buff that lets you attack the boss, you get a DEBUFF that prevents you from being able to do it again for one minute.

--> If you get the buff, make the most of it by hitting the boss hard.

Miasma cloud:  The Tentacle of Drest'agath has a constant void Miasma cloud around it, which does damage and breaks LoS.

--> Melee DPS should enter the cloud and kill the add as soon as possible, along with a healer.

Mutterings of Betrayal:  the Maw of Drestagath now has a permanent aura called Maw of Drest'agath which applies a stacking debuff that absorbs healing.  If a player gets 4 stacks, they become hostile to allies.

--> Ranged should focus these adds down.
--> Avoid being within 10 yards of these adds.  If a player gets a stack, healers should heal them up to remove the debuff.
We made great progress on heroic Drest'agath last night!  We developed some new tactics that were very helpful:

1.  Quadrant healing

The room is very large, so it was easier to heal if healers took care of quadrants instead of trying to follow particular groups.  This is particularly true with the LoS-breaking clouds around the tentacles.

2. Melee focuses on the same target and moves clockwise around the room

This means less time for melee spent running across the room, and it meant a more predictable path for both melee and the tanks, who were dropping circles on the appendages to weaken then.  Tanks could then weaken the appendages that melee players were working on or were about to engage.

We also had a clear set of opening moves:  kill the eye on the right, then the one on the left, then go to the tentacle that spawned behind the left eye. Then continue clockwise from there, killing weakened tentacles and eyes as we went.

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