Ironsong Adventuring Party
As I sit around bored on lunch break, I find myself debating which Ironsong characters would make a great Adventuring Party in a story. Not just for running a dungeon, but like a D&D adventure or if there was an Ironsong cartoon. I always pictures Tower Team from the Siege of Orgrimmar being like that. But if there was a proper Ironsong adventure story...

For me, I love Skrap, but she's really an agent of chaos. Comfort send more likely as part of an ongoing story. The same quiet introspection that makes he harder to rp in game would be fun to explore in a full story.

I also always pictures Ohuchi as part of a pandaran group in IST, running around with Batrapha, Yorek, Tsingtao... And maybe Baofun.

Any one have any thoughts? It's more a fun thing to think about. Much as I'd love to do an IST D&D game
I'd definitely see Anca as part of an adventuring party as the ranger/tracker/comic relief. Always paired up with someone else in the group, like the Umu Attack Platform (UAP). She'd also end up in the party because she's so demanding about not being left out of things.

I've also got my trio of Scynnalea, Scynnalea, and Scynna, the three blood elves from the divergent timelines who became a Paladin, Death Knight, and Demon Hunter respectively, and now treat each other like identical triplets.

Most of my characters would be more NPC, like Wingspirit, Wakamito, and Nyxitt, being mostly side stories and support.
When I was thinking of this, Anca was the first invoice choice. I get the feeling of we had a Ironsong media universe, Anca be a character who would have her own cartoon.

Skrap would be in Ironsong's version of X-Force/Suicide Squad Wink
Krell would most likely be the character I brought out to this party. He was my original character and the one I developed an RP story with. Plus, he was just fun to play early on.

Now, if they would just give Hunter a tank spec.
Shantow the Bear
The Ironsong Tribe

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