Treasure Goblins
Hi all,

Treasure goblins are spawning for the 20th anniversary of Diablo event!  If you manage to kill one before it portals out, its death will spawn a portal to the Secret Cow Level, where you can kill the Cow King for a 12-string guitar toy, bunch of stat-enhancing charms (temporary?), and a book you can combine with 10 scrolls of town portal to make a permanent Tome of Town Portal toy, which is a hearthstone. 

You can only loot the Cow King once per character, but the goblins as many times as you kill them, and the goblins are guaranteed to drop at least 1 Scroll of Town Portal.  So you'll need to kill a number of Treasure Goblins to get enough scrolls to complete the toy.

I finished this after about an hour an a half.  It took me a while to figure out what was going on, and I tried several inefficient strategies before hitting on one that worked well.  I thought I'd pass on what I learned:

Treasure Goblins spawn randomly around the world, and at the end of heroic dungeons, but they spawn regularly in the Underbelly of Dalaran (about every 3-10 minutes).  So the Underbelly is the best place to farm them.  

Tips on farming the Treasure Goblins in the Underbelly:

* Be prepared to DPS the goblin hard.  Blow cooldowns.  The goblins don't hit back but they do have a lot of hit points, and after a relatively short while they will start casting an escape portal.  If they finish this cast they will disappear without summoning the portal to the secret cow level or dropping any loot.  So kill them before they finish the escape portal cast.

* Don't stun the goblin.  Stunning him causes him to start casting the escape portal.

* According to the forums, Death Grip, Typhoon, and other knockbacks interrupt the escape portal cast.  I did not witness this personally though.

* If you see a goblin, engage him quickly.  I had a couple encounters in which I found a goblin not long after he spawned, but I waited a bit to see if any other players would show up to increase DPS.  Shortly after I started waiting the goblin started casting his escape portal on his own, without being engaged.  I engaged him but it was too late and he disappeared.

* Sometimes the goblin appears to be bugged.  I had one encounter where a big group of people was DPSing him, and he wasn't casting his escape portal yet, so it looked like we were going to get him, but then he disappeared WITHOUT even starting his escape portal cast.  I don't understand what happened there but I think he bugged.

* The treasure goblin spawns in multiple locations in the Underbelly, including:
- The Alchemist's Lair (the little round room down a flight of stairs where Fizzi Liverzapper is)
- The open area to the north of the Abandoned Shack (where the big demon spawns sometimes)
- The Black Market (the fishing area)
- The Circle of Wills (big central PvP area where the mage, the bat, and the Mutant Warturtles spawn)
- The sloped central corridor just below the guy from whom you hire a bodyguard.  Sometimes the goblin will spawn here then run down the tunnel to the black market.

* To camp goblins in the Underbelly, get yourself a free ratstallion (from the box near the guy you hire guards from).  If the guards are taking a break, hire a bodyguard so you don't get pestered by PvP (though I encountered a few bugs with the bodyguard not spawning after I'd hired one.  I kept trying and eventually got one).  

Sit on your ratstallion at a central vantage point in the Underbelly where you can see ALL the Underbelly on your minimap.  I sat on the more northerly curved wooden staircase leading up from the Circle of Wills, near the Abandoned Shack -- from this spot I could see almost the entire Underbelly.  Watch your mini-map for the non-starred treasure icon, which indicates the presence of a treasure goblin.  Ignore the starred treasure icon, which just indicates a PvP treasure.  Ignore PvP, elite mobs, and the non-elite imps or crocodiles or whatever that spawn. Once you see the treasure icon RUN to the goblin on your ratstallion, engage it, and kill it as fast as you can.  Others will likely join you, and if you are lucky and nobody stuns the goblin, you will get a kill.

Does anybody else have more tips on how to farm these guys?

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