Il'gynoth nutshell guide
Hi everyone,

We saw the Il'gynoth fight last week, and we will be trying it again this evening. Here's a super-quick overview.

The Il'gynoth is a two-phase fight with phases that repeat twice:

* PHASE ONE is an "outside" phase during which we must kill a stationary add called the "Eye of Il'gynoth," which we accomplish by killing slimes (Nightmare Ichors) under the Eye.  Each slime killed under the Eye damages it by 5%.  Ichors spawn when other adds are killed.

* PHASE TWO is an "inside" phase which begins after we kill the Eye.  We enter the chamber behind the Eye and attack Il'gynoth itself.  The first time, this phase lasts 50 seconds.  Everyone must exit the room by the 50 second mark or they will die.  The second time, the phase is longer but by the end we need to have killed Il'gynoth or the raid will wipe.


We will DPS down the initial two tentacles, then we will draw the ichors under the Eye and kill them, then pile onto the Horror while killing additional tentacles that spawn. We need to interrupt Mind Flay from the Deathglare Tentacles. Ranged are best for Corruptor Tentacles.  We will need to be dynamic about kill order.

When Phase two begins, if there are adds left we will need players to stay outside to deal with them.  If ichors are up, the fixated players must stay outside with them.

Inside the chamber, move 11 yards away from others if you are targeted with Cursed Blood.  Get out of the chamber before timer is up.

* Pick up the Dominator Tentacles (the two tentacles present at the beginning of Phase One).  If they are not tanked, they do raid-wide damage.
* Pick up the Nightmare Horror.  Tank swap swap after 2+ stacks of the Eye of Fate ability.  Keep the Horror moving t due to void zones.
* If any Dominator tentacles are still up when Phase Two starts, a tank must stay out and tank it.
* If there are no Dominator tentacles or Horrors up, act as DPS.

* Interrupt Mind Flay on the Deathglare Tentacles.
* Ranged kill the Corruptor Tentacles.
* Drag ichors to the Eye and kill them beneath the Eye.
* If you are focused by an ichor and Phase Two starts, stay outside or they will cause raid-wide damage.

* Dispel Touch of Corruption

* Stay away from Corruptor Tentacles as they apply a debuff that drops a void zone.  If you get the debuff, run out and drop your void zone at the edge of the room.
* Don't be hit by Ground Slam 
* In Phase Two, move 11 yards away from others if targeted with Cursed Blood.
* Get out of chamber before timer is up.
Nice summary!

I've been watching this video to help prep:

ETA - Disclaimer - not the most kid friendly of language in case anyone listens to things without headphones and has kidlets running around
Batrapha, Batnissi, Batolam, Batel, Batya, Batjireh, Batshammah, Batraah.

Yes, I AM batty.
The MAIN difference between normal and heroic Il'gynoth:

Dominator Tentacles (the ones that need to be tanked) have a new ability called Nightmarish Fury which is a big damage increase on the tanks.  Nightmarish Fury is a flurry of attacks that hit every 0.75 seconds for 6 seconds, EACH blow inflicting 928K damage.  Each time the tentacle casts Nightmarish Fury it gets a permanent +5% damage stacking self-buff, so these tentacles need to be killed FAST.

Aside from that, Nightmare Ichors who are still up when Phase 2 starts do a lot more raid-wide damage in heroic than normal mode.  On Normal mode we've been bringing surviving ones into the eye with us but this may no longer be a viable strategy.  If their raid-wide damage is too high to bring them in we'll either finish them off outside our leave some raid members + fixated players outside to kill them.


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