Terky the Murloc Pet now available outside of Asia (loot)
Just saw this on Reddit: https://www.reddit.com/r/wow/comments/3p...e_outside/

To elaborate, it's a simple click loot to get White Murloc Egg which contains Terky, a normal white murloc.  Shortly after I saw the post I went to the spawn area and it was swamped with players.
[Image: FMZz04Ul.jpg]

Fortunately, it was easy enough for me to loot.  I had to go directly to the spawn point and zoom in all the way so that I was in first-person view.  I would see the egg spawn and try to click it and hope I was the first person to click it.  It does respawn within a few seconds so as long as people don't just leave the loot window open you should be able to get it fairly easily.

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