RP get togethers could be a thing!
Hey all! So I've been thinking about wanting to get some rp stories, or even just hangouts going on. Draenor is perfect for it! The garrisons are customizable, and there's a ton of good places in the world for it. I was wondering who all would be interested in this sort of thing.

The best idea I had at least at first is something like the old weekly moots, get together to share stories, concerns, or reports on what's going on with the tribe. Not like the old official ones with official business (I mean, that's not out of the question, but don't want people to think that going to this would be required if they don't want to), but in character stuff. From there we could see what people are interested in, whether it's missions and dungeons in character, rp hangouts, or even full on table-top style gaming.

The one issue I have is rather unique... as a player I could start putting this together. Skrap as a character however is INCREDIBLY unsuited to hosting this type of thing, unless it was going to be complete comedy, and there would be explosions. So if people are interested, we might need someone to take the organizer role ic.
I'd like to suggest we try the Bladespire Fortress amphitheater for at least one. It would be quieter than, say, the middle of a combat zone (as amusing as that might be in the future), but it is out in the world so technically available to everyone on the server without an invite to a group (as an event in a player's garrison would require), and could have people stumble over it in progress.

Teamoon would be unsuited to running it as a tribe meeting (for a variety of reasons), but as a show or a contest (best boast or story of deeds on Draenor contest, perhaps?) and venue to sell his drinks, it could work.
I miss the old moots, am totally on board!
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