Ironsong Ranks
In ascending order, the Ironsong ranks are:


This is our trial membership rank. This rank is given to those who have successfully petitioned for admission to the Tribe, but have not yet completed their trial period. Peons are not yet considered full members of the Tribe. They do not have guild bank privileges.

Grunt / Scout

After successfully completing the trial period (of about a month), new members are given the rank of Grunt or Scout. These are the ranks of full membership, and constitute the core of our Tribe. Grunts and Scouts are full members of the Tribe who serve the Horde well and bring distinction to our guild by participating in the Ironsong community and striving to embody the ideals of Ironsong.

The ranks of Grunt and Scout differ only in whether the member has an Authenticator or not. Grunts do not have an Authenticator and are allowed to withdraw only one item per tab per day from the guild bank. Scouts have an Authenticator and can withdraw more items from the guild bank. All ranks above Scout must have an Authenticator. In limited-space events, Grunts and Scouts are given preference over Peons during the invite process.


Some members go above and beyond normal membership, serving the Tribe with distinction, skill, and consistency. The rank of Blooded is awarded to those that demonstrate their dedication to the Tribe by participating in Tribe events with regularity, role playing inclusively, and helping others generously. They have been in the Tribe for a long time, are well known to their Tribemates, maintain a positive attitude, and are of excellent character.


The rank of Champion is a temporary, honorary rank occupied by only one character at a time. The Champion is nominated at the discretion of the Tribe’s leader for some particularly great feat. The Champion serves a vital function by bringing a fresh voice to the Officer Chat channel. This rank is temporary, and at the end of the Champion’s tenure the Champion will be awarded the rank of Blooded.


This rank is a junior officer position. Members may be promoted to Advisor by leading regular events; by providing sound advice, insight, and feedback on guild affairs to the officers; by participating in the administration of the guild; and by acting as mature, responsible leaders who have the best interests of the guild at heart. The alts of senior officers and the guild leader also have the rank of Advisor.


These are the senior officers of the Tribe. They have the ability to promote, demote, invite, and remove people from the Tribe. This rank contains officers that have been promoted after performing many years of service, as well as the remaining founding members of the Tribe.

Inactive Farseers are demoted to Advisor pending their return, to ensure that the list of Farseers accurately represents the current senior officers of the Tribe.

Tribe Leader

At the time of this writing, the rank of Tribe Leader has been held by four individuals, each of whom went by a different title. The current Tribe Leader is Zlinka, and her official title is Blademistress. The founding leader was Sreng, who went by the title of Warlord. Two interim leaders held the title for several months: Shillatae, who went by the title of Witch Doctor, and Kosath, who went by the title of Shield Bearer.
So after the "Champion's tenure" they will go back down to Blooded?
That is how it has been done historically, though on occasion, a Champion has been promoted to Advisor afterwards.


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